How much do you know about edibles?


Did you know that marijuana can also be used to treat medical conditions? Sometimes, doctors prescribe weed as medicine for some health complications, such as relieving stress, anxiety, and appetite loss. However, most people consume marijuana for the whole purpose of having fun and enjoying the time when their THC levels are high.

Weed has so many benefits. This article will inform you of some of the health benefits that marijuana has and why you should consider marijuana edibles the next time you want to have fun.

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What are Medical Marijuana edibles?

Marijuana edibles refer to a wide variety of orally administered products such as drinks, candy, and baked goods infused with controlled levels of marijuana.

Unlike marijuana sold in the streets, medical edibles contain specified amounts of marijuana with different qualities for treating various medical conditions. When ingested, some of these edibles are absorbed through the gums or the stomach walls during digestion.

Compared to smoking, marijuana edibles have several advantages, including:

Convenience – since edibles come in the shape and size of regular food products, they are easy to carry around and administer when required. For example, baked goods, drinks, and tablets can be ingested just like food.

Value– In terms of value, edibles are cost-effective yet highly efficient in administering cannabinoids to patients. For a meager cost, patients get to experience significant effects of the drug.

Edibles are discreet – Since edibles look like regular food, they will not cause a stir or attract attention compared to smoking weed. This way, patients can take their medicine without feeling guilty or conscious of the environment.

Effectiveness – edibles relieve symptoms of a long period due to the slow digestion in the stomach. This way, they provide a long-lasting solution to the patient’s condition.
How do edibles work?

When ingested, edibles are digested in the stomach and absorbed into the bloodstream through the stomach walls. Although the process of absorption is much slower than smoking, it produces much stronger relief and lasts for longer compared to smoking.

However, when taken in large quantities or ingested quickly, edibles can cause the body to over-medicate. Thus, It is recommended to be careful when taking edibles.

What do you need to know about consuming edibles?


Patience – When taking edibles, you shouldn’t expect to experience the effects immediately. Unlike inhaling marijuana directly, edibles may take time to be absorbed into the bloodstream due to digestion.

Therefore, you should be patient for at least 20 to 60 minutes to allow the drug to enter your bloodstream. After consuming one dose of edibles, give yourself at least an hour to feel the effects of the medication before deciding whether to add more.

Dosage– if you just began taking edibles, it is recommended to stick to the standard dosage of 10 mg of THC per dose. Ensure you read the indicated amount on the edible wrapping to avoid over-medicating.

Planning– Since the effects of marijuana edibles usually last for a while, you must plan for the next few hours before taking your dosage. Clear your schedule of any activities that may require high mobility, such as driving or doing a strenuous activity such as swimming, as the effect of the edibles can cause impairment.

Some edibles, such as gummy bears, will take a shorter time to be absorbed into your bloodstream than chocolate bars, baked goods, and other forms of edibles that require to be absorbed through the stomach walls.

Tolerance– The time it takes for edibles to hit will also vary according to individuals. Some people feel effects sooner than others, But it doesn’t mean they will enjoy it more. It just means that they have a higher metabolism.

Eat before medicating– when consumed on an empty stomach; edibles may cause a more potent effect, which may be uncomfortable for some people. Therefore you should eat food as you medicate or before you medicate to ensure the effectiveness of the edibles remains under control.

Can I make edibles at home?

Of course. Since edibles are just mostly regular foods infused with CBD or THC, they can easily be made in the comfort of your own home. Making your own edibles is fun and safe, and you will know what items you used in your recipe.

This way, you won’t have to worry about the ingredients used or methods used in the preparation of the edibles. There are different recipes for preparing different varieties of edibles, from gummy bears to cakes.


Edibles are a fun way of unwinding and having a good time, and they can also work as medication for skin conditions such as cancer. If you’re looking for a sign to start preparing and taking your own edibles, then this is it.

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