Which are the best 420 limo experiences in Denver?

Denver is one of the best partying destinations everyone should visit. When you visit, make a point of experiencing a 420 limo ride through the city while high. I promise you won’t regret it.

I’ve been a cannabis consumer for a few years now, and I have tried and tested a variety of various experiences all over the world. Still, limo excursions in Denver remain one of my favorites because:

When it comes to weed, Colorado is home to some of the best products ever. In addition, they have great accessories to match and are an excellent destination for marijuana enthusiasts.

The 420 limo Denver tours get to take you practically everywhere, even to go and experience the growing operation in Denver, which is pretty big, I must say. Denver has some great attractions, such as the fantastic glassworks and glass galleries.

It is home to some of the best partying locations, making it ideal for hosting events and parties.


This guide will help you learn more about the best 420 limo service in Denver and how to make your experience fun and memorable. I will try and answer most of the common questions I get asked about partying in Denver in a limo, so read on to find out more.

Does Denver have suitable cannabis limo tours?

Of course. To call these tours good is an understatement. The weed tours in Denver are unique. There are several fantastic marijuana shops to sample that sell quality hemp and a ton of glass galleries filled with fantastic glassworks you can enjoy.

When you book a limo tour, it also comes with an exclusive visit to the growing operation in Denver, and you can customize your trip to your liking. However, the choice is yours. You could also opt to customize your limousine experience by booking a private tour to get high and relax.

Will I require an ID to book a hemp limo tour in Denver?

Yes. A valid photo ID is required to schedule a 420 limo tour. Because the legal age limit for smoking or consuming marijuana in Colorado is 21, the tour company will request ID verification to confirm your age before confirming your reservation for a 420 limo tour.

What should I expect on a hemp tour?

You can anticipate having a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When taking a limo tour in Denver, there are a plethora of things to see and do, ranging from smoke shops to glass manufacturing. You may also personalize a trip by choosing the locations you want to visit.

Are weed limo tours expensive in Denver?

The cost of hemp tours varies depending on how you customize your experience and the company you select. A private limo tour will cost more than a regular tour; therefore, the price will depend on the experience you want, but most tours are reasonably priced.

Now that you know about limo tours, I’d like to share with you some of the best-rated limo tours to consider when in Denver. I’ve been on several tours with different companies, but here are a few I think you will enjoy best:

  1. Sunset Luxury Limos
    Sunset Limo is an excellent company and one of Denver’s oldest hemp limo tour companies. Aside from providing amazing limo tours, they also offer sampling sessions in which you get to sample various strains of recreational hemp. They have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from that can accommodate both large and small groups. It’s really up to you to select and customize your experience with them.
  2. PFC- Private First Class Transportation
    If you are looking for a luxurious adventure, then PFC is the best one for you. Their services are high-end, and so are their prices. However, the experience is worth it. Their vehicle interiors are customized with the best entertainment system, and they can offer tours for as many as 32 people at a go. I would honestly recommend them for huge parties and occasions.
  3. 420 Airport Pick up
    This is the go-to option if you don’t have a lot to spend but want a great experience. Their unique airport pick-up and hotel drop-off package is popular with weed enthusiasts. You also get to stop by a weed store to try out different things and purchase anything else you may need. For a reasonably priced trip, you will definitely enjoy your time.
  4. Mile High Tours
    This is one of the most versatile tours I’ve ever been on. Aside from just providing a great limo experience, you also get to visit glass galleries and growing operations as well. They also offer hotel drop-off and airport pick-up services and are not highly priced. You can stop by pot shops to refill or purchase anything you need while on the way. If you’re new to Denver or the whole limo tour experience, Mile High tours is a great place to get your first experience.
  5. Colorado Cannabis Tours
    Colorado Cannabis Tours is regarded as one of the best in Denver and throughout the United States. It is a 420 friendly limo service that is a great help when it comes to scheduling limo tours and choosing 420-friendly hotels. They offer various activities during their limo tours, such as taking marijuana culinary classes, visiting growing operations or pot shops. You can also book a private tour on a luxury limo to relax and unwind.


I hope this information helps you make the best of your next trip to Denver and have a fantastic time on your hemp tour.

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